If you can turn it on, we can repair it!

Our 31 years of experience in component level repair, refurbishing and buying/selling Point of Sale (POS) equipment, ensures you are receiving a quality product and service second to none. From the POS storefront to the back room servers and anything in between, we can provide a Green Solution through repair or a reconditioned parts or machines.

Go Green

So remember if it’s a touch screen, printer, scanning device, backroom server, networking equipment, etc.  “If you can turn it on, we can repair it”.

If you have older, unused or defective POS products, let us know and we will Buy Back equipment you no longer have a need for. We can also help with properly disposing of equipment with no market value, so everything is handled in a Green Environmentally sound way.

Thanks again for visiting our website and contact us anytime!

Retail System Services
If you can turn it on, we can repair it!

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